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Columbia, SC and its surrounding areas have a little bit of everything: lush parks with rippling rivers, thriving colleges and universities, outdoor cafes and coffee shops, art galleries, historic houses and landmarks, and a culturally diverse blend of music and food.  Columbia, SC homes are situated in the center of the state, where three rivers converge.  It is also accessible by three major interstates: I-77, I-26, and I-20.  With a population over 700,000, it's no wonder people are so attracted to this area.  There's plenty of entertainment, job opportunity, and outdoor activities for everyone!

If you want more of a "small town" flavor with the amenities of Columbia nearby, you might be interested in Lexington, SC homes or Irmo, SC homes.  Lexington, SC is just fifteen minutes west of Columbia, SC and has the beautiful Lake Murray at its doorstep.  Irmo, SC is also located off the shore of Lake Murray, and was recognized by Money Magazine as the 12th "Most Affordable Place to Live in the Country."

Whether you're buying a home, selling a home or relocating to Columbia, the following information, resources and tools will help guide your decision. Make sure you visit our "Columbia Area Links" to get a better idea of what this area has to offer you. You can also COMPARE your current community and schools to Columbia by visiting the "Community Reports" link below.

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